About Orange Island

The Orange Island project involves the dredging of sand from the bed of the Lagos Lagoon, reclamation of a 150 hectare island, construction of an access land bridge and infrastructure to service the island. The Project will eventually be a fully serviced, community located 1 kilometre off the headland of Lekki Phase 1.
The project is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative conceptualized in the original master plan of Lagos State. In line with the Lagos State Government’s goal to transform Lagos into a more organized and structured Mega City. The Lagos State Government owns 50% of the project.
The project will be delivered in two phases:

  • Year 1 & 2 – Dredging and reclamation – Completion Oct 2016
  • Year 3 -Stabilization
  • Year 4 & 5 – Infrastructure and amenities – Completion Sept 2019
Area % Total
Mixed Use 8.4209 ha 5.614%
Utilities 2.4239 ha 1.615%
Educational & Public Facilities 5.3146 ha 3.543%
Business & commercial 8.0676ha 5.378%
Medium Density Residential 17.7143 ha 11.81%
Low Density Residential 58.9520 ha 39.3%
Green & Public Open Space 15.6563 ha 10.437%
Road Reserve 33.4504ha 22.3%
Total 150 ha 100%

The layout of the Island will comprise four main schemes made up of residential, commercial, services and recreation/sports zones. The services provided will include electricity, water and sewerage systems.

There are Four standard plot sizes which are available for sale; 650 sq.m, 800 sq.m, 1,000 sq.m, 1.200 sq.m.