6th Newsletter – April 2016

125 hectares of land has been reclaimed to date. Only 20% left to go!

Figure 1: View from the southern edge

Access Road

The access road links Orange Island (at its southern side) to Itedo Waterfront.  The new road has views of the lagoon on both sides. Reclamation along the alignment of the road and stock piling of sand has reached an advanced stage. This is to complete the filling of the road up to the full width and required levels. In addition, 10 temporary solar power electrical poles have been erected along the road for security. Bridges are to be built in 2 places along the road to provide access for small watercraft.

Figure 2: Plan showing the positioning of the navigational bridges

The road will eventually become one side of the Lagoon Highway, which according to the Lekki Master will run along the Lekki Peninsula waterfront from Freedom Way to Epe.  The Lagos State Government has awarded the contract for the construction of Freedom Way which will create a fast access to the island from the 3rd roundabout of the Lekki Epe Expressway.

Figure 3: Contract board for Freedom Way
Figure 4: Showing the access road and the solar power electricity poles.

Environmental Impact Assessment

The 3rd Quarter Impact Mitigation Monitoring Report has been completed and submitted to the Federal Ministry of the Environment. The next phase of EIA reporting has commenced with EcoPro being engaged to carry out the analysis for the Infrastructure and Access Road.

Featured Orange Island District

The Commercial Strip  

The main boulevard will house mixed-use developments that will include shops, offices and residential uses. It will provide access to a variety of land-uses including residential and public facilities. This positioning of this central spine is critical for the natural link with the future phase. 

Did You Know!!!

The New Suez CanalThe New Suez Canal is one of the world’s largest dredging projects at present. The plan is to expand the capacity of the existing Canal and will add a new 35-kilometre-long (22 mi) second shipping lane to the existing 164-kilometre-long (102 mi) canal. It also includes the deepening and expansion of a 37-kilometre-long (23 mi) section of the existing canal.

The enlarged capacity allows ships to sail in both directions at the same time over much of the canal’s length. Beforehand, much of the canal was only one shipping lane wide, with limited wider basins for passing. This is expected to decrease waiting time from 11 hours to 3 hours for most ships, and to increase the capacity of the Suez Canal from 49 to 97 ships a day. We celebrate with our dredging contractors Van Oord, part of the consortium that participated in the project.

Figure 4: Showing the second Suez Canal.


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New Marketing Manager

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