7th Newsletter – August 2016

We are delighted to announce the completion of the reclamation of Orange Island ahead of schedule. We continue to work on the bulk earthworks to bring parts of the Island to required levels.

Figure 1: The Island

Access Road

Bulk earthwork of the access road continues. The road is currently being shored up to protect it from wave action in the lagoon.

Figure 2: F.W progress of work on the Access Road

Expansion of the Lekki Foreshore

The neighbouring island, Lekki Foreshore has been expanded by a private contractor and abuts unto the access road.

Figure 3: Showing the expansion of Lekki Foreshore

Construction of our new office

Our new offices are under construction on site. The office is being built out of shipping containers. Each container measures 8 feet wide by 40 feet long by 9 feet tall. The containers make ideal building materials as they have an infinite life span when stationary and properly maintained. Environmentalists have embraced this, applauding the recycling inherent in these types of offices.

The new offices will be ready in the last quarter of the year. We can’t wait to move to the island!

Figure 4: Construction in Progress


Our website is up and running. Check us out at www.orangeislandng.com

Featured Orange Island District

The Residential Enclave
One of the main features of the island are the residential enclaves dotted around the island. They are the unique clusters designed around cul de sacs along the perimeter of the island.


The sale of plots remains on hold, however, the reservation list is still open for those interested in purchasing plots.

 To be added to the reservation list for plots, please contact Daniel Etiefe on his mobile +2348085054212 or at daniel.etiefe@orangeislandng.com. Alternatively visit our website: www.orangeislandng.com

Payment Administration

For proper account reconciliation, please forward all payment evidence (such as tellers, cheques and online transfers) to the marketing team via email
Emails: daniel.etiefe@orangeislandng.com or samuel.onwe@orangeislandng.com

Did You Know!!!

The Flevopolder is a region of reclaimed land, in FlevolandNetherlands. It is the largest Island formed by reclaimed land in the world with a total land surface of 97,000 hectares, completely surrounded by bordering lakes, the VeluwemeerKetelmeer, and Gooimeer.

 For more than 2,000 years, the Dutch have been striving to hold back as well as reclaim land. The Frisians, the first settlers in the Netherlands, started building dikes to safeguard their land from the North Sea. In 1287, the dikes failed, causing a flood in the country and formation of the new bay Zuiderzee over the farmland. The Dutch worked consistently for a few centuries to slowly push the water out of Zuiderzee and built dikes and created polders, pieces of reclaimed land. After building the dikes, the water was pumped out to keep the land dry.

Flevoland is separated by a dike and is kept dry by operating diesel and electric pumps.
In 1969, the Island was finished, as part of the Zuiderzee Works. Flevoland consists of two polders Eastern Flevoland and Southern Flevoland. The eastern part was drained in 1955 and the southern part in 1968.

Figure 5: Google map showing the site location of Flevoland